IMG_3251 copy1 copy1Vera Butunas is a qualified psychologist that provides psychological counselling for adults in personal face-to-face sessions in English and Russian languages in Marbella, Malaga, Spain. Col.AO-10270

«There are many reasons to talk with a psychologist, because we all face difficulties that we don't know how to handle. Although we all deserve to be happy and live full and interesting lives with the understanding and support of loved ones. The quality of living can be improved through the use of modern methods of practical psychology. A psychologist does not give you advice or recommendations, but helps you see how your relationships are with other people and themselves. "

 Main training:

    •  Moscow Institute of Psychology, Specialist Diploma in Psychology Teaching
    •  Dalnevostochniy Institute of Psychology and Psychoanalysis, Professional Retraining "Psychological Counselling"


 Additional training

          • Institute of Humanistic and Existential Psychology HEPI (Lithuania), Program "Existential Therapy"
          • EEAET,Birstonas (Lithuania), Seminar "Emotions in Psychotherapy and Life: Existential Perspectives and Possibilities", Dr.Erik Craig (USA)
          • EEAET, Birstonas (Lithuania), Seminar "Basic Principles of Existential Therapy", Prof. Ernesto Spinelli (Great Britain)
          • EEAET, Birstonas (Lithuania), Seminar "Happiness, Habits and Harm: Existential Responses to Addiction Problems", Christopher Wurm, PhD (Australia)
          • Saint-Petersburg State University, program "Solution Focused Therapy"



Membership in professional associations:

East European Association For Existential Therapy

Colegio Oficial de Psicologia de Andalucia Oriental